About Wiistream

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Your streaming partner of choice.

We deliver live and on-demand video to engage fans and build your brand globally. We partner with you every step of the way to spot additional revenue streams, harness audience data and build connections.

Scale and simplify

Through a platform unrivaled in its simplicity, we’ll help your end users build connections, whilst we take care of the technical stuff. But don’t expect an off-the-shelf solution. Our world-class customer team works with you to design a fully on-brand, bespoke platform with each module tailored to your growth ambitions.

Why WiiStream?

Commercial expertise meets software innovation

With decades of experience in commercial sport and software development, WiiStream was founded in Ireland and brings market-leading knowledge of Irish, UK, US and European sport environments, combined with software expertise in Cluj, one of Europe’s leading tech innovation clusters.

Unlock revenue and widen your fanbase

We’ve helped many organisations generate instant, consistent revenue by widening their current and future fanbase. Moving beyond disconnected video experiences on YouTube and Facebook, with limited control, monetization and data collection capabilities, WiiStream believes in a seamless streaming experience to unlock revenue and power your growth.

A partner for growth

Using the power of sport to drive collective experience beyond the gate, we help businesses scale video content to connect audiences and unlock revenue through exceptional streaming experiences.

Our Leaders

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Mike Price

Co-Founder & Chairman

Mike is a successful entrepreneur, investor, strategic thinker, business leader and mentor with over 25 years’ experience. Mike knows what it takes to help you build and grow an organisation. After building and selling a successful transport company having started his career as a driver, Mike has founded, grown and successfully exited a number of software companies over the last 15 years – the last in 2018 having overseen growth to 300+ clients in Ireland and the UK.


David Johnson

Commercial & Strategy Director

David brings over 30 years of sports broadcasting experience, having worked to plan and deliver broadcasting for numerous major global sports events. David helps you understand your assets, broadcast rights and sponsorship value, supporting you to build a blended content strategy to engage fans and attract sponsors, advertisers and partners and generate revenue streams. Crucially, David also understands the strategic planning and on-site delivery needed to deliver a high quality live broadcast from anywhere in the world.

Bogdan Brisc


Bogdan will work with you to ensure your digital products are cutting edge and scale up to millions with success.

Bogdan has 15 years of experience in software development while he worked for multiple startups and top enterprises.

His role is to  identify and integrate new technologies, drive the IT strategy & infrastructure and lead our top development teams.

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