Stream Live Video

WiiStream is the leading streaming platform provider for any organization. Our low latency live video runs on a top-tier content delivery network (CDN). Easy to use, customisable, hassle-free tech with 24/7 online chat support from our world class team with every package.


OTT, IPTV, video streaming over the internet

Scalable Platform for Over-the-Top (OTT)

Your content delivered through pristine video using the world’s largest, top-tier CDN. WiiStream delivers across every device to take your OTT operation to the next level.


Top-tier CDN for High Performance

Secure live streaming with the world’s best video content delivery network (CDN). We enable 24/7 live streaming for full scalability and compatibility.


Low Latency Live Streaming

Our low latency streaming delivers rapid content for a premium audience experience, no matter their location or connectivity.


Live Stream Recording

Record all your live streams and save as video-on-demand (VOD) files as standard. Hosting on WiiStream protects your content and any other sensitive data from copying and piracy.

Monetize Content

With integrated Stripe payment – the most user-friendly online payment method there is – you can easily monetise your content globally, in any currency, via subscriptions or pay-per-view (PPV), all without users leaving your site.


Live Stream via RTMP

We use Real-Time Messaging Protocol (RTMP) – the gold standard for transmitting video files from the encoder to the video platform. It allows almost instantaneous streaming to many different platforms, keeping your audience in sync with the action and eliminating frustrating delays.