An intuitive content management system (CMS) and video management system for a seamless video hosting and streaming experience, helping you to unlock revenue and power your growth. 


Secure Video Hosting and Streaming

Take complete control of your video content from start to finish, with security features such as referrer, geographic restrictions and 24/7 network monitoring.


Video Hosting for Mobile

Deliver to any device, anywhere. We deliver video via HTML5 player, so it’s compatible with every modern device and browser there is. And our dynamic, adaptive design delivers the best possible quality at any given moment.


Video Streaming Security

We’ve invested in the most certified cloud provider out there, so hosting on our online video platform protects your content and any sensitive information.



Protect the integrity of any existing broadcasting deals in certain regions with our geo-blocking service. Restrict purchases from certain countries, or only allow certain countries to purchase, giving you full control to maintain existing agreements.

Integrated Payment Security

We build you an integrated paywall facility, maintaining security when collecting pay-per-view or subscription payments.


HTTPS Video Delivery

We deliver video in HTTPS browsers – it has a much more secure content delivery protocol than the previously-standard HTTP format.