Get to know your online audience and drive ‘beyond the gate’ fan and audience experiences, generating instant new revenue.


Video Analytics

Understand your video’s performance by analysing viewer behaviour. Gain insights with WiiStream’s advanced video analytics platform – see where your audience is engaging best with your live and on-demand video content.


Advanced Dashboard User Interface

Navigate the dashboard with ease to glean insights into your audience’s behaviour. Spot trends in consumption time, location, plays and viewers per time, the devices they’re using, and quickly spot your best performing content.


Location Metrics

Pinpoint your audience – right down to the city they’re in – to unlock opportunities to tailor content and messages that resonate best to your key target audiences.

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Revenue Analytics

Track revenue from video subscriptions and pay-per-view, with reports that cover sales and revenue by time, and sales by country. Equip your commercial teams with knowledge of who and where you’re serving content to.