Video on Demand

Control and commercialize your video content and power your growth. Set up as many pay-per-view (PPV) streaming price points as you need. Control rates, promo codes, viewing windows and much more. Start monetizing your live and on-demand content now to scale your video-on-demand (VOD) business through your own secure, unified platform.


Online Video Hosting

Take complete control of your video content with WiiStream’s hosting platform. Live stream, record and upload unlimited channels of public and private video content on your own, personalised over-the-top (OTT) platform.


User Friendly Portal

With an intuitive UX and interface, we display content through an immersive video gallery, which is customisable to put your brand front and center.


Video Streaming Security

We’ve invested in the most certified cloud provider out there, so hosting on our online video platform protects your content and any sensitive information.

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Monetize Content

With integrated Stripe payment – the most user-friendly online payment method there is – you can easily monetise your content globally, in any currency, via subscriptions or pay-per-view (PPV), all without users leaving your site.

Advanced Video Analytics

Track performance and get to know your audience better. Gather actionable insights to hone your video content strategy in line with your audience’s needs.


HTML5 player

Stream to any device, anywhere.