International Federation of Match Poker (IFMP) is the main rule and governance organisation of Match Poker. A combination of strategy, mathematic probability and e-sport, Match Poker is now a fast growing mind game played in over 80 countries. At the helm as President of the IFMP is the legendary Patrick Nally, founding father of international sports marketing.

Taking the exciting sport of Match Poker to a global audience is the next step in the journey and wiistream will be providing the services and OTT platform that allows players, fans and national associations to log on and play, watch and study the play. In one of the most technically challenging bespoke builds to date, wiistream will take not only the live camera feeds but also the gaming software to give fans a feel for the ‘high stakes’ involved in playing competitive Match Poker.

“Creating a single sign on, simple navigation and access to players and / or live streams was a complex build however, the technical team excelled and rose to the challenge to deliver IFMP TV for a global audience”.

– Bogdan Brisc, CTO Wiistream

“Having met the team from wiistream I felt there could be no better home for the development of Match Poker on a global scale. Our growth is going from strength to strength and wiistream understand our huge expectations”.

– Patrick Nally, President IFMP.

“”Our partnership approach means both Match Poker and wiistream share the risk and reward. With our expertise in technology, sports broadcasting and Patrick’s expertise in global sports marketing, we are looking forward to a mutually beneficial longterm partnership between IFMP and wiistream”.

– – Mike Price, Co Founder & Chairman of Wiistream.

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