Delighted to be sharing the news of partnering with VX International on their live broadcasting OTT across the world. This newly acquired partnership means the exciting sport of VX will be available to a global audience. VX can be played almost anywhere and is very popular in Africa but is also proving popular in schools across the UK.

Wiistream will act as sole OTT services partner to showcase all major championships and events for the next five years. We will partner with VX as it grows across the continents and help it attract a much wider number of players, coaches and fans.

The relationship between wiistream and VX International reflects our growth within the International Sports Federation world so number of sports large and small turn to wiistream to provide their long term OTT and live streaming solutions.

“This is a very exciting development for us all in the sport of VX. We are absolutely delighted to be partnering with Wiistream and feel that this is a major step forward for us in growing our amazing sport. Wiistream opens up so many possibilities for us to improve our exposure and create a one-stop shop for all our content. We are looking forward immensely to capitalising on the opportunities that this brings for us”.

– Paul Hildreth, VX International

Download press release here.